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Superior Solar

- A Redshift Capital Company

One of the cornerstone enterprises of Redshift Energy® is Superior Solar, LLC. Based in the Orlando area, Superior Solar is a leading provider of solar energy solutions for residential and commercial applications throughout the southeastern U.S. Founded in 1984, and with a portfolio of over 18,000 installations, the company is one of the largest solar contracting firms in America, specializing in solar electric, water heating and pool heating applications.


Solar Pole™

- Utility-Scale Solar Energy Solutions



With modules delivering up to 470 watts, SOLAR POLE systems can deliver the highest wattage available in utility-scale, pole-mounted solar energy solutions.

SOLAR POLE systems from RedShift Energy enable utilities, municipalities and government installations to swiftly and efficiently respond to the growing wave of renewable energy portfolio requirements and mandates.

Specifically designed to mount quickly and safely on utility poles, SOLAR POLE solutions are grid-ready, scalable, and deliver the most kilowatts-per-pole available ­ up to 470 watts per solar unit.

That makes SOLAR POLE the lowest cost per kilowatt of any utility-scale solution of its kind in the industry.


TEVA Energy, LLC designs and installs commercial-scale solar hot water systems for large consumers of hot water such as hotels, universities, hospitals, industrial processing facilities, and food processing facilities. The company has the dedicated platform necessary to effectively launch innovative thermal technologies and comprehensive services to the commercial and industrial markets. This allows TEVA to provide the affordable energy solutions and the sensible ROI decision makers are looking for when considering renewable energy. TEVA Energy also provides thermal power purchase agreements that eliminate client capital investments and related risks, making the client cash positive from day one.