Redshift Energy

Partner Benefits

Benefits for Redshift Partners and
Renewable Energy Entrepreneurs

Why become a partner with Redshift Energy® ?

For starters, you'll become a true partner, including an ownership stake in Redshift Energy. Your current company will most likely retain its identity, and you'll maintain and grow your current base of local and regional customers, supported by the capital and financial stability of Redshift.

As a private equity firm, we're all about about helping you maintain share value and an ownership stake. We are not a buy-out or mergers and acquisition operation. Redshift invests in the future potential for growth and profitability that each entrepreneur and their operation represents.

Upon joining us at Redshift Energy, you will benefit as a partner and fellow entrepreneur in the following ways:

  • You'll become part of an attractive platform of companies;
  • You'll tap into focused expertise in design, engineering, manufacturing, installation and marketing of commercial solar energy systems;
  • You'll gain access to the latest technology coming online, as well as the most efficient, current solutions transforming the market.

Redshift Energy partner companies...

  1. ...use the newest technologies
  2. ...generate the most attractive ROI and payback schedules
  3. ...typically yield 10-14% returns, with 3-to-5-year paybacks on initial investments
  4. ...gain access to vital capital to invest in growth.

Redshift Energy will help you find and win capital to fund both upfront costs, as well as capital commitments required for large commercial projects. Through an array of financing options, Redshift Capital can provide integrated capital solutions, terms and arrangements ­ including incorporating, PPAs (Purchase Power Agreements), leasing and other financial instruments.

In sum, through Redshift Energy, your current management team has the opportunity to take your renewable energy enterprise to the next level, while becoming significant owners that share in the rewards, as they materialize.