Redshift Energy

Why Redshift Energy® ?

The U.S. must find better ways to develop and deliver renewable energy ­ solutions
that provide both local generation and grid-ready electricity.

Government initiatives and mandates require a public-private bridge to address
four critical needs:

  1. 1) identify qualified enterprises
  2. 2) create start-up ventures
  3. 3) ramp up operations
  4. 4) grow the sector

Redshift Energy is an initiative designed to address these needs. For entrepreneurs building renewable energy companies, Redshift provides access to vital resources, including:

  • New technologies coming out of R&D labs and universities
  • Government incentives and subsidies designed to accelerate the design and deployment of grid-ready solar energy systems
  • New financial instruments and capital markets, such as PPAs (Purchase Power Agreements), renewable energy rebates, tax credits and demand response (DR) programs
  • Management expertise and working capital to grow their businesses